Origin 12 Short Barreled Shotgun- Hard Black

$2,900.00 $2,599.00


  • Quick Change Barrel
  • Forward Charging Handle (NON RECIPROCATING)
  • Ambidextrous Safety & Mag Release
  • In-Line Detachable Magazine
    • 8 Round Mag w/Gun
    • 20 & 30 Round Drums Available for Purchase
  • Last Round Bolt Hold Open
  • 3-Point Operational Trigger Finger Position
    • (Includes Trigger Operation, Mag Drop & Bolt Release)
  • Infinitie Gas Block Adjustment
  • Multi-Caliber Receiver
  • Minimalist Stock from MFT
  • All Weather Tactical Hard Case


Fostech Origin 12 For Sale – Fostech Origin 12 Short Barreled Shotgun

Fostech Origin 12 has a few unique features that set it apart from many other semi-automatic 12-gauge shotguns. One of those features is a long-stroke gas system, which will function with low-power shells that are normally reserved for pump or break-open shotguns. The weapon’s reliability is enhanced by a rotating bolt with two large extractors. Felt recoil is reduced by the stock, which is located above the centerline of the bore. Control is aided by a pistol grip. The magazine release and safety lever are ambidextrous, while the non-reciprocating charging handle is located on the left-hand side of the receiver. The telescoping AR-style stock folds to the side to decrease the overall length of the shotgun for storage or carry. A large ejection port cover keeps debris out of the action when the weapon is not in use. Front and rear polymer folding sights are standard. There is plenty of rail space to mount just about any accessory—from optics to flashlights. The shotgun is a two-part modular construction consisting of the receiver and stock, and the barrel, gas tube and handguard assembly. Origin 12 shotguns are all restricted to 2.75-inch shells.

Fostech Origin 12 Shotgun

The Origin 12 shotgun is available in 18.5- (non-NFA) or 10.67-inch barrel lengths. The 10.67-inch barrel model is a short-barreled shotgun, which is subject to NFA regulations and the $200 federal transfer tax. The barrel module is available in different lengths and can be swapped out in seconds by the removal of a single pin. The barrel’s muzzle is externally threaded with the same M22x75 threads as the Saiga and Vepr shotguns to accommodate flash hiders, muzzle brakes or sound suppressors. The barrels come fitted with thread protectors. The short-barreled model weighs 7 pounds, 3 ounces; the 18.5-inch barrel shotgun weighs 9 pounds, 3 ounces.

The patented gas system of the Origin 12 allows it to pick up the gas as soon as it leaves the chamber, making it very efficient. The system is designed so that a shotgun shell can be used as a tool to adjust the large gas plug located above the barrel. With lighter loads, such as target or small game loads, the port should be closed or slightly open. For heavy loads, such as high brass or slugs, the port should be open to allow excess gas to be vented from the weapon to prevent damage. When adjusting the system, ensure that the hole in the gas plug is facing upward, this allows the escaping gas to assist in controlling muzzle rise. This is a great advantage on Origin 12 and helps to place more rounds on target. If the Origin 12 fails to cycle or eject a spent cartridge, it is likely that there is not enough gas pressure, and the gas system will need to be adjusted so that fewer gas escapes. Thread the gas plug inward two full revolutions and repeat the test. When properly adjusted, the shells should be ejecting 5 to 8 feet away from the weapon.

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The Origin 12 is easily field stripped for cleaning or maintenance by the removal of a few pins. Upon disassembly, one can readily see the resemblance to the AK’s bolt carrier-recoil spring assembly, albeit substantially larger in size.

As well as offering different barrel lengths, the Origin 12 is available in various guises. The basic Origin 12 shotgun is designated as the Hard Black model, with a black receiver, barrel and internals. Another model imparts the Hard Black barrel and receiver with nickel internal parts. A third option is the Hard Nickel Shotgun, which features a nickel receiver, barrel and internal parts. Available accessories include a recoil pad, extended charging handle, choke tube adapter, cheek riser, barrels, extra magazines and a Trijicon MRO reflex sight. The Origin 12 is shipped in a plastic hard case with a manual and one five-round magazine.

The Origin 12 magazines are made of polymer with steel feed lips; they are available with capacities of five, eight and ten rounds. No fumbling or rocking of the magazine, insertion is straight up into the receiver. A little extra effort is required if the bolt is closed; the action locks open after the last round is fired. Drum magazines with 20- and 30-round capacities are also available.

The FosTecH Origin 12 SBV

For those that like the look and handiness of a short barrel—but want to avoid the ATF paperwork and $200 transfer tax—FosTecH offers the SBV model. The Origin 12 SBV shotgun has an overall length of 27.5 inches when fitted with a 10.67-inch barrel, but it is not classified as an NFA firearm. In place of a buttstock, the SBV has a side-folding arm stabilizing brace installed. Technically, the brace cannot be shouldered, as the ATF’s position is that: The pistol stabilizing brace was neither “designed” nor approved to be used as a shoulder stock. Except for its lack of a conventional buttstock, the SBV model has the same features as the Origin 12 short-barreled shotgun. The SBV has an M22x75 metric threaded muzzle and uses the same five-, eight- and 10-round magazines or 20- and 30-round drums as the other Origin 12 models. The SBV weighs 9 pounds, 9 ounces and is available in Hard Black, Hard Black with nickel internal parts or Hard Nickel, the receiver and internal parts of which are nickel. Ownership of the SBV shotgun is subject to local or state laws.

Field Stripping

1. Remove the magazine.
2. Verify the firearm is unloaded and the safety lever is in the safe position.
3. Remove the quick-change pin and separate the barrel module from the receiver.
4. Fold the stock.
5. Remove the two front dust cover pins and rear dust cover pin then remove the dust cover.
6. Remove the carrier spring and carrier spring locator.
7. Remove the buffer spring locator.
8. Slide the bolt carrier assembly rearward until it clears the receiver rails and remove the carrier assembly.
9. Remove the bolt from the carrier assembly.
10. Remove the adjustable gas plug.

The Origin 12 shotgun is now field stripped for cleaning or maintenance, and it can be reassembled by reversing the field stripping process.

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