IWI Jericho 941

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Model Number(s)J941F9
Caliber9mm Parabellum
Operating SystemShort Recoil
Magazine TypeIWI, Steel
Magazine Capacity16 Round
Barrel MaterialCold hammer forged, CrMoV
Barrel Length4.4″
Overall Length8.2″
Weight2.3 lbs.
Rifling1:10 RH, Polygonal
SightsAdjustable Sights


IWI Jericho 941 For Sale

IWI Jericho 941 The biggest thing you can love about this gun is how little it recoils. Even with 147-grain ammo, the gun barely bucks. The slide is also smaller than most taking a page from CZ’s book, which means less mass is being thrown backward with every shot. Less mass means less recoil. The grip panels kind of suck and need replacing. They are very smooth and not practical in Florida’s heat and humidity, where my hands coat the gun in sweat. The Jericho 941 steel frame, semi-auto, short-recoil model will be available in full-size and semi-compact in 9mm, .40 S&W and .45 ACP caliber. The pistol features adjustable sights, an integral MIL-STD 1913 rail, an ergonomic grooved pistol grip and ships with 2 magazines in a lockable carry case.

The Jericho 941 polymer frame with steel slide, semi-auto, short recoil model is also available in 9mm, .40 S&W and .45 ACP calibers in a full-size and semi-compact frame. All features are the same in the polymer version with the benefit of reduced weight. Unlike the Baby Eagle, UZI Eagle and earlier versions of the Jericho 941 imported by KBI that had a slide mounted de-cocker system, this new Jericho 941 utilizes the more desirable frame mounted safety, a la CZ75. Jericho 941 pistols are used by civilians and elite forces around the world including the Israeli police. IWI US will also carry CO, CT, DC, HI, IL, MD, NJ and NY compliant pistols with 10-round magazines (no models available for CA and MA)

The original Jericho pistols feature a frame-mounted safety, but the slide-mounted safety starts to make a lot of sense when you examine the short slide. It makes manipulate the slide easier and doesn’t compromise ergonomics. The trigger is not bad for a DA/SA. The first pull is longer and much less smooth than striker-fired design, and it takes a determined pull to make the gun go bang. This trigger pull is not the worst, but if DA/SA guns aren’t your jam, you’ll throw shots. This is especially true when firing from the draw or at any speed. The single-action is excellent. It’s super light with a short pull and a short reset. The single-action trigger makes it easy to blaze away with a lot of control. I did some box drills against the clock and accurately landed six shots within 2.5 seconds from the holster. First introduced in the US in 1990, the Jericho 941 has enjoyed wide acceptance by American shooters over the last 25 years. Based on the highly regarded CZ-75 short recoil system, Jericho pistols combine proven design and function with IWI’s exceptionally high standards for reliable performance, accuracy and quality construction.

The Jericho features a frame-mounted safety enabling “condition one” cocked and locked carry with single action function or hammer down double action function. Additional features include an integral Picatinny style rail for mounting accessories, adjustable dovetailed sights, and a firing pin block. Barrels are cold hammer forged of the finest Mil-Spec CrMoV steel.

4 reviews for IWI Jericho 941

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